Email Troubleshooting

Email Troubleshooting

As a member of TIA Connect, we'd like to make sure you stay in the loop. To ensure our emails continue to reach your inbox, add to your Safe Senders List in your email client.

If you have a systems administrator who manages organizational email, send them the following information:
Domain to add to Safe Senders List:
IP addresses to whitelist (if possible):

Additionally, below are instructions for adding to your Safe Senders List across multiple email providers:

To make sure email gets delivered to your inbox, set up a filter.
1. Click the Settings gear in the upper, right corner.
2. Click “Settings” from the list that appears.
3. Click on the “Filters” tab along the top of the gmail box.
4. Click the link "Create a new filter” at the bottom of the list of filters that pops up
5. In the “From” field, enter the domain name (in this case:
6. Click the link “Create filter with this search” in the bottom, right hand corner.
7. Put a checkmark in “Never send it to Spam.”
8. Click the “Create Filter” button in the bottom left corner.

If you're not receiving email you are expecting, there are two things you can do:
1. Use the "Not Spam" button in your Bulk folder.
2. Create a filter to automatically send email from certain email addresses to your Inbox. This is the only way to really ensure delivery.

Report as "Not Spam"”
1. Check your Yahoo! Bulk folder
2. If you see the email from, highlight it and click "Not Spam"
3. This does not guarantee that your mail will be delivered in the future, but it does help.

Create a Filter:
1. Click "Options" in the top right navigation bar
2. Select "Mail Options" from the list that drops down
3. Choose "Filters" located on the left side of the page
4. Click the "Add" button on the Filters page
5. Choose the “from” field.
6. Choose "contains"
7. Enter the text string to compare:
8. Choose the destination folder to which you would like the message delivered. For example: Inbox
Hotmail Live, Windows Live and MSN,
In the new Hotmail you must "Mark sender as safe" to enable hyperlinks even in text emails and images in HTML emails. Entering the email contact in the address book or contacts no longer whitelists the sender.

1. Click "Options" in the upper right corner of your Hotmail screen
2. In the Body of the page under "Junk e-mail" click the link "Safe and blocked senders"
3. Click the link "Safe senders"
4. Enter “”
5. Click "Add to list"
1. On the “Home” tab in an email, click the down arrow near Junk.
2. Click “Junk Email Options” from the list that appears. (Alternately, go under Preferences>Junk).
3. Click the “Safe Senders” tab at the top of the pop up box.
4. Click the “Add” button on the right side.
5. Enter the domain name (in this case:
6. Click the “Okay” button.
7. Click the “Apply” button in the bottom, right corner.
8. Click “Okay” to close the pop up box.
Mozilla Thunderbird 
1. Click the Address Book button
2. Make sure the Personal Address Book is highlighted
3. Click the New Card button. This will launch a New Card window that has 3 tabs: Contact, Address and Other
4. Under the Contact tab, copy and paste the "From" address, into the email dialogue box
5. Click OK
To make sure email gets delivered to your AOL inbox, you must add the email address or corporate domain of the sender to your Address Book or Custom Sender List.
1. Click the "Spam Controls" link on the lower right side of your inbox screen.
2. When the "Mail & Spam Controls" box appears, click the "Custom sender list" link.
3. Choose the "allow email from" option.
4. Add, then click "Add"
5. Click "Save"